fake visas
fake visas

The Emirates has warned all those wishing to come to the UAE and all expatriates of the spread of a new fraudulent phenomenon, as fake accounts have recently increased on social media platforms, as these sites are promoting the idea of obtaining UAE visas with fake features, especially tourist and work visas.

According to what the Emirates Today newspaper reported, these visas are suspicious because their advantages are irrational, and among the advantages of these visas: obtaining them in a short period, in exchange for paying small sums in addition to receiving an expatriate at the airport, and it also announces its support for providing accommodation for a month in addition to providing Job opportunity, and help those wishing to obtain the golden residency of the Emirates.

In a related development, many inquiries and questions were received from the UAE and from abroad also asking about the safety of such advertisements, the truth of the information that it publishes regarding visas, and the fact that they can issue visas for tourism and work in the UAE.

Many non-citizens who seek to enter the UAE for work and residence have made it clear that they are keen to constantly follow all news and information related to residency and work in the Emirates.

It is worth noting that some embassies of other countries in the UAE have recently published many awareness and warning "posters" through their electronic platforms, where they issued their warnings against falling into the trap of promoters of fake and anonymous visas, whether they are individuals or websites.