Warning of a new way to steal bank card money

Russian cybersecurity expert Dmitry Galov confirmed that fraudsters use the ploy of pressing the key in preparation for other pre-prepared steps according to court methods that enable the fraudster to complete the penetration process, where the fraudster lures the victim and contacts him as an official party and asks him to press a certain key or number in preparation for the process of hacking the device.

Galov said that the first step of the scam is to call through a robot that claims that the owner of the phone has changed his number, and asks him in case you did not change your number, press the number “one and use this method to disable and hack the smartphone, you must either infect it with malware, or It uses a vulnerability. Pressing a particular key alone does not hack the device."

It is worth noting that phone fraud is one of the main channels for stealing money from citizens, as there are several fraud methods. It is possible for hackers to pretend to be employees of a bank, police or pension fund. They delude victims that there are threats to their accounts, to discover confidential information and steal money.

This should be careful when talking to strangers and not revealing information about your account or card, it is better to end the conversation and call back the same bank, according to what was published by Al Bayan newspaper.