The weather tomorrow in the UAE .. Weather in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and some Gulf countries after the new weather forecast.

The weather tomorrow in the Emirates
UAE Meteorological Report: Partly cloudy weather and the possibility of rain during the coming hours, as it is expected, according to the National Meteorological Center, that the weather will be tomorrow, partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy with the possibility of light rain in some coastal and eastern regions during the day, and humidity will increase Relativity during the night and tomorrow morning, Sunday with an opportunity to form fog in some coastal and inland areas.

The center stated in its bulletin that the wind will be light to medium speed, from northwest to northeast, according to the Emirates News Agency WAM.

The weather tomorrow in Kuwait, after a new weather depression
According to the forecasts of the General Administration of Meteorology, the weather tomorrow in Kuwait is tilted to cold, the winds are volatile and light in speed, and the chance of fog increases during the night hours in some areas, whereas the minimum temperature is expected to be 10 degrees Celsius, due to a new low air impact in the atmosphere.


  • The weather tomorrow in Saudi Arabia

It is expected that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will witness for several days a remarkable activity of the surface winds that raise dust and dust in open places in most regions of Saudi Arabia, and to a greater percentage in the northern and northeastern region, the eastern region and the central region, according to what was reported by Tawasul newspaper.

  • The weather tomorrow in Bahrain

The weather in Bahrain is mild with dust rising in some areas and being humid at night
Weather forecast warns of strong winds and high waves, and called for caution and caution