Weather tomorrow
Weather tomorrow

Weather | An air depression over the Gulf states causes weather fluctuations

Weather in the Emirates during the coming hours and days
In this context, the National Meteorological Center has clarified and clarified the upcoming weather situation in the regions of the country after the impact of the new air depression, which is the seasonal low of Sudan, which causes clouds and the formation of clouds with the beginning of declining temperatures again. Partially, with a very slight decrease in temperature, and the state of wind becomes light to moderate speed, it will be active on the sea in the morning in the north, according to the UAE news agency WAM.

The weather in Kuwait during the coming hours and days
On the other hand, the meteorology in Kuwait noted that the weather becomes cloudy to partly cloudy with increased opportunities for separate thunderstorms in large areas of the country, as the country is currently witnessing the extension of the seasonal low of Sudan, in conjunction with the formation of another air depression within the upper atmosphere.

The formation of two meteorological depressions in this description affects the multiplication of low and medium clouds, which leads to separate thunderstorms falling in different regions of the country.

The effects of the new air depression are expected to continue until Thursday.

Meteorologists have warned that this weather is getting more intense during the night hours on Wednesday, as is the activity of southeastern winds, which begins to cause dust in some areas and more openly, according to what was published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan.

The weather in Saudi Arabia during the coming hours and days
As for the weather conditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is expected that a temperature decrease of 4 degrees Celsius will begin, starting from today, Monday, in some regions of the Kingdom, and there are opportunities for rain to fall on 7 regions, due to the formation of thunderstorms that cause rain Heavy and medium accompanied by strong activity of the active winds, which raise dust and dust on parts of the northern border regions, Qassim, Hail, Medina and the northern parts of the eastern region and the western parts of the Riyadh region, as well as the Makkah region includes coastal parts of it, while the activity continues Surface winds of dramatic dust and dust on parts of central and eastern Saudi Arabia, according to what was published by the electronic newspaper urgent.