Tomorrow's weather
Tomorrow's weather

Tomorrow's weather ... sudden changes in weather conditions begin tomorrow and in the coming days.

  • Weather forecast tomorrow in the Emirates

And according to what is stated in the upcoming weather forecast for the various regions of the Emirates, the National Meteorological Center explained the weather bulletin, explaining that the weather inside the UAE will be clear and then turn into a partially cloudy weather. While the winds are southeasterly to northeasterly, and their speed and strength are light to moderate in general, according to what the Emirates News Agency reported.

  • Weather forecast tomorrow in Kuwait

According to what is stated in the upcoming weather forecast for various regions, the Meteorological Department has warned all Kuwaiti citizens, residents and residents, through a new air warning, indicating that activity in the southeastern wind is expected to increase, as its speed increases to more than 60 km per hour. .

The excessive wind activity causes dust-causing winds, and with it, the horizontal visibility decreases in some open areas, especially.

The chance of thunderstorms increases sometimes, and the waves rise to more than 6 feet.
Al-Irsad explained that the weather today is relatively hot, while it is cold and partly cloudy at night, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

  • Weather forecast tomorrow in Saudi Arabia

According to the forecasts for the upcoming weather conditions in various regions of Saudi Arabia, the General Authority of Meteorology and Environment warned the population of increasing the chance of moderate to heavy rains this evening (Wednesday), in the northern parts of the eastern region (Hafar Al-Batin) and the Qassim region and the northern and western parts of Riyadh As it is expected to happen downstream currents with an active velocity that raises dust and dust on the northern parts of the eastern region (Hafar Al-Batin), the Qassim region, and the northern and western parts of the Riyadh region, according to what was reported by Tawasul newspaper.

  • Weather in Bahrain:

The weather is cloudy with a chance of separate rain.
Meteorologists warn of strong winds and high waves, so please be careful.