Emergency and Crises

The UAE government held an exceptional media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the Corona virus in the country “Covid-19”, during which it announced that the cases in the country increased by more than 100% in less than a week, and decided to update the green traffic system in the Al Hosn program, and reduce the period of validity Green passage from thirty days to 14 days, as a precautionary measure.

In detail, the official spokesman for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amri, confirmed the work of the entire national system, since the beginning of the crisis, to read the epidemiological situation in the country locally and globally and to follow up on all developments and indicators, as a rise in the number of Covid-19 injuries was recently monitored in Several countries globally, in parallel, a marked increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in the country, as cases in the country increased by more than 100% in less than a week, and a high rate of hospital admissions was also noted.

Al-Amiri said: "This rise comes after the stabilization of the situation in the country for a period that was not short, and after the integration of national efforts and community cooperation for a short period, and this was thanks to community awareness and care. Public health, and an indication of negligence in the application of precautionary and preventive measures, which negatively affects the recovery efforts that all parties are working on.

He added, "We have recently observed the negligence of many groups of society in wearing masks in closed places, so it should be noted that wearing masks in closed places is mandatory, and that complacency in doing so is a violation and the perpetrator is punishable by a fine of up to 3,000 dirhams, according to Public Prosecution Decision No. (38) for the year 2020”, warning that during the coming period, supervision will be tightened by the relevant teams.

Al-Amiri pointed out that many studies have proven that wearing masks is the most important factor in maintaining the health and safety of community members from the risk of the spread of Covid-19 infection. As the effectiveness of masks lies in mitigating the speed and strength of the spread of the disease, especially in closed and crowded places.

He continued, "It was also noted that a small group of people infected with the Covid-19 virus did not adhere to sanitary isolation, which threatens the safety of society and causes the virus to spread due to the lack of responsibility of people," stressing that anyone who causes an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus will be subject to legal accountability by the authorities. competent.

Al-Amiri announced the modernization of the green traffic system in the Al-Hosn program, and the reduction of the period of validity of the green traffic from thirty days to 14 days, as a precautionary and preventive measure aimed at ensuring the accuracy of the investigation process and encouraging periodic checks, noting that the activation of this update will apply to all groups starting from the day Next Wednesday, June 15, 2022, with the exception of workers in the educational sector and students, where the decision will be activated for them as of Monday, June 20, 2022, due to their association with the testing period, and the process of verifying the application of the fortress will be emphasized in all places where green traffic is applied in order to ensure safety and health everybody.

He pointed out that the first line of defense in the UAE has been operating for more than two years without stopping, and thanks to these efforts, the country has achieved in its response to combating Covid-19 global efforts and exemplary management, through which it has topped exceptional centers in reaching the stage of recovery, and the country has also succeeded in achieving its goal. In the national campaign for a vaccine, it is permissible to vaccinate and immunize 100% of the target groups, warning that complacency and recklessness in following precautionary measures, and failure in the societal role in maintaining public health and acquired immunity, results in an increase in the number of infections and new waves of the virus.

He called on all segments of society to continue to adhere to the preventive and precautionary measures such as wearing masks in closed places, avoiding crowded places, taking caution and caution when traveling and making sure of the procedures for the destination to travel to through the platforms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and not tolerating the conduct of periodic checks., indicating To the fact that COVID-19 is still present, and the first line of defense is still responding to it, with the aim of protecting lives and national gains, and for the purpose of protecting all members of society.