Reducing trading hours in the UAE stock unitemporarily

Reducing trading hours in the stock market in the Sultanate of Oman temporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Qatar stock market temporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Bahrain stock market temporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Kuwaiti stock market temporarily

Bahrain canceled some loans and postponed some of them 6 months without any fees

The Emirates exempt some loans and postpone some 6 months without interest

A Qatari official video ran over an Asian worker and proud of his insult

Saudi Arabia opens the door to manufacturing for the iPhone after closing all the manufactures in China

Statement of urgent careers from which the sponsor system is entered into Saudi Arabia by 2020

Oman News Today: Canceling tourist flights to Italy

New Zealand imposes new restrictions on all citizens to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Kuwait: a statement of the names of the groups whose threshold is raised to 2020

King Salman: New royal orders penalize two ministers and replace them with 3 ministries

The Saudi monarch issues 9 new royal orders to citizens and expatriates .. Get to know them

Emir of Qatar: New amendments to the two laws to improve the conditions of foreign workers.

And the UAE has an urgent decision to impose additional fees on these products.  

The Emir, Tamim, is diverting the path of oil shipments to China to support them in confronting Corona.

Qatar introduces new penalties for expats

New Zealand is a three-day trial leave for all employees.

An Australian plane was destroyed and severely saddened in Australia, and the Australian government issued an important and urgent statement

Prime Minister of Cambodia visits students in Wuhan, Chinese

Qatar Traffic clarifies the truth about what is being circulated regarding the amendment of traffic violations.

Australia prohibits dealing with the Venezuelan Airlines