Procedures for moving from work when the employer terminates the employee's service

Transferring the salary to the bank account despite the absence from work

Sharjah: A job opportunity with a salary of 25 thousand dirhams..Details

The decision to pay employees’ financial contributions for paid and unpaid leave

Free shopping bags canceled at the beginning of next month "June"

Providing free job advice to job seekers in the UAE

UAE: 100 thousand free licenses to be granted to employees on the “Government 01” platform

Urgent.. Employees in the state are granted 60% of their basic salary due to the "unemployment" system

Urgent.. Determining the notice period for moving from one job to another

Announcing the system for calculating the annual vacation period for part-time workers

Urgent.. Announcing 60,000 job opportunities in the UAE in the coming weeks

Cabinet: Cancellation of foreigners’ employment in thousands of jobs and reduction of service fees

Urgent.. Changing the route of thousands of flights and canceling many for emergency reasons

Providing a training program for job seekers and obligating some companies to employ them

Urgent circular from banks to all citizens and residents in the country

Urgent .. 7 disciplinary penalties for the violating employee

An urgent warning document for all employees in the country due to the use of social networking sites

Urgent.. Important statement from Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Urgent.. New worrying suffering in India and Pakistan

Urgent.. An important statement to all citizens and residents of the country

Urgent statement from the police regarding the work of the violating expatriate workers

Urgent.. Institutions in the country announce the start of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday from tomorrow

Regions in the UAE announce 9 days of paid leave... modifying the duration of the vacation."

Urgent.. Announcing employment cases for employees only 4 hours a day