A court ruling against the employer obligating him to pay one million and 200 thousand dirhams as compensation to a “foreign” worker

The negligence of a company owner and the failure to provide the necessary security and prevention measures to protect workers caused a worker to fall from the roof of a warehouse, causing him to become permanently disabled.

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims decided to oblige the company and its owner to pay the worker one million and 200 thousand dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages he sustained.

In the details, a worker filed a lawsuit against a company, demanding that it be obligated in the person of its owner to pay him what is due to him from the legal blood money for the organs that were injured and that constitute permanent disabilities, and compensatory compensation for the material, moral and psychological damage that befallen the plaintiff in the amount of five million dirhams, indicating that he was exposed to a fall from a height Inside the company, a criminal judgment was issued against the company owner, which fined him.

In the ruling, the court stated that the conviction of the defendant in his capacity as the owner of the company was established by the court, as he caused the wrongful injury to the victim, and this was caused by his negligence, lack of caution, and his breach of the principles of his profession and job imposed on him by the availability of appropriate and necessary security and prevention means to protect workers from the dangers of Work and injuries, pointing out that the evidence from the medical report, which the court is assured of, is that the plaintiff’s injury has stabilized and has become of a definitive nature.

The court indicated that the plaintiff failed to comply with him as a result of the accident he suffered while working on a warehouse site and the fall of three workers, which led to the death of one of them and the injury of another, permanent disability and permanent disability.

The court relied on the report of the medical committee, which showed the percentage of disability left by the plaintiff: 40% of the original ability of the skull and brain, loss of vision in the left eye 50%, hearing loss in the left ear by 50%, fractures of the nose and loss of sense of smell and taste 100%, and paralysis of the left face The inability to close the eye with a 35% deficit of the original facial nature, and left arm systolic paralysis at 50% of the two arms’ capacity, with which he is entitled to blood money from a government of justice in addition to his entitlement to compensation for wounds, cracks and scars, in addition to what this affected him in his work and his ability to earn. As the plaintiff is in his early forties, in addition to the pain, sadness, grief and heartbreak that he experienced as a result of the injury.

The court ruled to obligate the defendants to pay the plaintiff one million and 200 thousand dirhams as material and moral compensation for the damage he sustained.