Adoption of new fees for obtaining a work permit

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has launched a new classification system for establishments in the private sector.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said that the new classification divides establishments into three classifications, and work will begin in early June.

His Excellency added, "The classification of new companies is based on their commitment to the wage protection system, cultural diversity, and commitment to the decisions regulating the labor market.

His Excellency explained, "The third category includes companies that do not adhere to the standards of cultural diversity or the wage protection system, or are proven to have committed a violation.

His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar indicated that the fees for obtaining a work permit will be 250 dirhams for the two years in the first category, 1200 for companies classified in the second category, and 3450 dirhams, which are classified in the third.

His Excellency confirmed that the ministry will provide a work map for companies and establishments wishing to upgrade their classification.

He explained that starting from next month, the facilities will find the classification they were placed in when performing any transaction, adding that the classification of the facilities will be updated directly on the site, and there are standards that must be adhered to to raise or lower the classification of facilities, including the percentages of Emiratisation, training of citizens and supporting their projects.