booking airline tickets
booking airline tickets

"Emirates Airlines" gives travelers 3 options for travel tickets, keeping tickets 760 days ... "travel voucher" for two years ... or returning the value.

In this context, Adnan Kazim, Chief Executive of Commercial Operations at Emirates Airlines, stated that the travel and aviation industry operates according to complex rules on ticket prices, re-reservations and refunds, and these rules differ according to each market, praising the understanding and support of the trading partners during this period, in which it operates The company is developing policies that ensure both their needs and regulatory requirements.

It is worth noting that Emirates Airlines has suspended its flights permanently to curb the spread of the new Corona virus as a benefit of 19

On the other hand, Adnan Kazem stated that he hoped that Emirates dealers would re-book their tickets and travel at a later time, and this is why the company has validity of their current tickets for up to two years, and provided them with the option to obtain a travel voucher, and use it in exchange for any of our products and services.

He explained that dealers will not incur any change fees for reservations on tickets issued until May 31, to travel until August 31, 2020, explaining that «Emirates Airlines» also provides an option to retrieve the value of tickets in cash, noting that this takes some time, given the large numbers of requests that The company is currently dealing with it.

It is also worth noting that Emirates Airlines, it provides three options for customers affected by the suspension of flights and travel restrictions, is to retain the ticket, as the company will extend the validity of all Emirates Airlines tickets issued before May 31 to travel until August 31 automatically until 760 days.

On the other hand, the company explained that the dealers who booked their tickets during this period can be reassured, as they will be able to change the dates when they decide to travel again. Whenever they want to travel within two years from the date the ticket was issued, they must contact Emirates Airlines or travel agents to re-book their flights.

The company stated that the ticket can be booked to the same primary destination, or choose a destination served by «Emirates Airlines», and it is within the same region without incurring any fees to change the reservation, as the carrier provides the possibility to re-book tickets to travel to destinations in other regions, without imposing change fines, While price differences are applied if necessary.

Regarding the second option

Emirates Airlines has clarified its second option, which is to convert tickets into travel vouchers whose value is equivalent to what they paid for the basic reservation (the unused portion of the ticket only).

She stated that the travel voucher is valid for one year from the date it was issued, and it can be extended for another year. It can also be used to purchase products or services provided by Emirates Airlines, such as booking travel tickets to any destination, on any travel class, or any other services.

The company indicated that price differences are applied in the event that they are required, at a time when the change fines will not be applied to these vouchers, so traders will benefit from more flexibility to re-book their tickets, when they are ready to travel again.

As for the third offer

The company explained that its third option is to "recover the value of the ticket", indicating that customers can still request a refund of the amount they paid for the ticket, in the event they are unable to travel, stressing that there will be no fines for recovering the value of the ticket.

Emirates Airlines stated that it facilitates any of these requests via the Internet, by filling out a simple form. This is according to what the Emirates newspaper published today