Arab and international airlines refuse to pay the tickets after canceling travel due to the effects of Corona.

In this context, in light of the spread of the Corona virus pandemic and its negative impact on the economy of the countries of the world, airlines all over the world were forced to suspend their flights to limit the spread of the virus and as compensation for travelers. Some companies worked to retrieve the value of the ticket to their owners, in contrast some Arab and international airlines and websites refused Online reservations, refund tickets for travelers whose travel has been canceled due to the repercussions of the newly created Coruna virus.

It is worth noting that these companies insisted on keeping the ticket values ​​and not refunding them, while obligating travelers to book during a year, using the value of the ticket while paying the difference in price when booking the new or obtaining a ticket value ticket, despite the travelers' rejection of both options. With the statements of some officials of travel and tourism offices, this situation is considered illegal and companies have no right to refuse to return ticket values, especially since the crisis is global, and the lack of travel for reasons beyond the control of travelers, as most of the airports have closed their doors to travelers. to Rkat aviation, which do not have sufficient liquidity, as the liquidity of some few companies enough 3 months only because of the current circumstances.

On the one hand, I see, on his part, Salah Al-Kaabi, CEO of Bavaria Holidays, stated that several airlines and electronic reservations sites have refused during the past period to allow travelers to recover their money on the basis that it be used in future reservations », adding that this position is illegal and the traveler has the right to recover money Reservation is complete, especially in such emergency circumstances that imposed on the traveler certain conditions, indicating that there are difficulties in dealing with reservation sites, especially international sites, as they are not licensed in the Emirates.

In a related development, Alaa Al-Ali, CEO of Nirvana Travel Company, confirmed that a number of airlines refuse to return the reservations funds, although this procedure is not legal, as it is not the companies ’right to refuse to return the ticket values, especially since the crisis is global, and most, if not, All major airports have closed their doors to travelers, noting that travelers have suffered in many countries of the world, and not only the Emirates, from this situation, ”explaining that“ the financial conditions of airlines are harsh and do not have sufficient liquidity, as the liquidity that exists in some companies is few and sufficient For a period of 3 months due to the current conditions

He stated that airlines are trying to persuade travelers to accept not to return the reservation values ​​for allowing passengers to benefit from the price of the ticket within a period of up to two years, not one year, as usually happens as a incentive measure.

He explained that travel and tourism agencies have already negotiated with airline companies and were able to return the reservation funds to travelers, in case the reservation was through these agencies, while some airlines have refunded the value of tickets in cases of reservations through them or through their websites and other companies have abstained, and there are many Complaints related to reservations through websites.

Some people have opinions about refunding tickets

On the one hand, Ashraf Ammar stated that he booked 5 tickets for him and his family to spend a vacation in his homeland in late March, on an Arab airline company, through one of the websites, but he was unable to travel due to the conditions of the spread of Corona «Coved 19» globally and the closure of airports, including airports The country where he would have been vacationing,

He explained that he demanded a refund of the value of the tickets without interest, as the airline informed him that it had nothing to do with returning the value of the reservation and that he should try to recover the value of the ticket from the site from which he booked, while the site insisted on not returning the value of the reservation (about 14 thousand dirhams), And give him the option to travel to any destination he chooses within a year, while paying the difference in the reservation price.

On the same level, Ali Mesbah confirmed that he had booked tickets for his family to travel to an Arab country next May, and when he found that most airports were still closed, he requested a refund of the price of tickets, so the Arab Airlines informed him that this option is not on the table, and that he has two options. : Change the ticket to another date and pay the difference, and the second: Take a purchase card that is valid for a year. Mesbah demanded that his money be returned, especially since it is a large sum, which he desperately needs in the current circumstances.

It is worth noting that two airline officials agreed that companies should make all options available to travelers because the issue is not related to specific circumstances for the traveler alone, but rather to the conditions of a global outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which led to travel bans and airport closures in most countries of the world.
The officials indicated, as well as not to mention their names, that the financial conditions of the various airlines in the world are very difficult in light of the stoppage of operations and the continuation of some high costs, especially those related to employment and others, according to what was published by Emirates newspaper today