An urgent warning document for all employees in the country due to the use of social networking sites

The document of the professional conduct and ethics of the public job in the federal government warned against the employee's lack of commitment to the optimal use of social networking sites.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources stated that the document, which is currently being updated, aims to develop the employee's institutional culture, support professional values ​​and develop his sense of responsibility, which will reflect positively on his productivity and enhance the performance of the institution to which he belongs. The authority also aims from the document to: Enhancing the employee's positive behavior in dealing with his subordinates, co-workers, and the entity's customers.

According to the authority’s official website, the concept of professional conduct and public job ethics means that the employee performs his job duties with honesty, integrity and objectivity, and constantly works to achieve the goals of the entity in which he works, and that his exercise is within the limits of the powers vested in him, and that he performs his work in good faith, impartial From bad intent, negligence, violation of the law, or harm to the public interest, in order to achieve a private interest for himself or for others.

The authority explained that the document includes a number of basic values ​​for professional behavior and public service ethics, which are: "leadership and excellence, professional competence, integrity, honesty, honesty, objectivity, efficiency, transparency, justice, equality, and tolerance."

The document also includes nine duties that a government employee must abide by, including “commitment to the laws and regulations in force in the state, acting at all times in a manner that promotes the basic values, integrity and good reputation of the state, that the employee realizes that all individuals are equal before the law without any kind of discrimination, The necessity of respecting rights and freedoms and being open to others.

The list of nine duties also included the employee’s compliance with the values ​​and principles of tolerance, mercy and cooperation with everyone, that the employee demonstrate his loyalty and affiliation to his workplace, not to cause defamation of the reputation of his employer or the reputation of any other federal entity, warning against the employee’s lack of commitment to the optimal use of social networking sites, including He does not harm his reputation, the reputation of the entity to which he belongs, the reputation of any other federal entity, or the state in general. He must abide by all legislation issued by the state that regulates the use of social media.