Announcing the need to recruitment 3,324 to urgently meet the needs of some sectors

The UAE government has announced the recruitment of 1,096 teachers and administrators in the educational sector in preparation for the start of the new academic year.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education revealed the appointment of 1,096 teachers and administrators, in addition to conducting interviews for 2,228 additional candidates, currently, to meet the schools' need for educational cadres, in addition to the fact that 95% of government schools at the state level are ready to receive students, in preparation for the new academic year (2023/ 2022).

This came during a press conference organized by the UAE Government Media Office yesterday, to announce the preparations for the new school year, in which the Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, Chairperson of the Emirates Foundation for School Education, Sarah Al Amiri, and the Acting CEO of Emirates Transport spoke. , Feryal Tawakkul, Executive Director of the School Branch (Abu Dhabi), Lubna Al Shamsi, and Acting Executive Director of the Second School Branch Hessa Rasheed, in the presence of the Acting Director General of the Foundation, Muhammad Al Qasim.

In response to a question for "Emirates Today", Al-Amiri stated that the Foundation is working to fill vacancies in government schools at the state level, before the start of the new school year, explaining that the school's needs have been monitored by school administrations, and the Foundation is currently working to provide these needs.

She confirmed the availability of teachers in the classrooms to fill the existing vacancies, adding: “We met with school principals and teachers, as the Foundation allows a great deal of participation in the process of monitoring quotas for students and ensuring that all of them follow up with their teachers in the different classrooms naturally.”

She pointed out that the recruitment of teachers, the process of introducing them and training them to work in schools continues throughout the year, and this is followed up on a daily basis by the Foundation, the concerned departments and school principals, stressing that there will be no student in government schools without a teacher.

Al-Amiri said that the Foundation is working to develop the efficiency of the school staff, including teachers and administrators, as more than 2,500 teachers and administrators have been trained this week.

As for the generational schools, she stated that the schools targeted to be converted into “generational schools” are limited in number, as 10 schools will be converted for the new academic year (2023/2022), and currently more than 5902 students are registered, and four schools will be added to the “generations” school year. (2024/2023), in addition to nine other schools in the following academic year.

Al-Amiri affirmed that "the Foundation is continuing in cooperation with various stakeholders to develop the government education system in the country in line with the vision and directions of our leadership for the next fifty years, and with its outputs, it achieves the aspirations of students and parents."

She said: "Since assuming our duties, we have been keen to develop a clear work plan for managing, operating and establishing public schools, with the aim of providing all aspects of support to our students and school cadres, and developing our educational system in line with the requirements of the next stage, with a focus on strengthening our national identity and the strategic foundations of the state, as Our wise leadership is of great importance to the educational sector as it is one of the most important pillars of human development and the entrance towards preparing generations capable of leading the future.”

Hessa Rasheed, Acting Executive Director of the second branch, said: “We begin our new academic year by launching a variety of training workshops targeting 22,557 teachers and administrators, and they will continue throughout the academic year, to continue developing cadres and providing them with the latest methods,” noting that the Foundation has employed 1,096 teachers and educators, To raise the institution's readiness and ability to meet current and future needs.