Announcing the new terms and procedures for marriage in the UAE

The digital government reported that there are three general conditions to start the procedures for marriage contracts in the UAE, according to UAE law, which are: consent and consent of the wife and no coercion, and at least one of the parties to the marriage contract (husband, wife, or guardian) must have a visa Residence in the country, and each of the spouses must bring his personal identity and passport to prove his identity and status related to the visa, and in the rest of the Emirates, both parties must be residents of the United Arab Emirates, and submit a certificate of health fitness for marriage issued by one of the medical centers approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention The community, or the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, and the Dubai Health Authority.

She pointed out that the UAE Personal Status Law applies to everything related to the marriage contract and the obligations arising from it.

She reviewed some related electronic services that can be benefited from, which are pre-marital counseling and examination services through the Emirates Health Services Corporation, a package of pre-marital examinations through the Dubai Health Authority, and the medical examination for marriage in Ajman.

She pointed out that there are a set of basic legal conditions for Islamic marriage, which is the registration of the marriage contract in the Sharia court in the United Arab Emirates, and that the legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri years. Otherwise, the approval of the judge is required, that the age of the fiancé is not twice the age of the fiancée or more. Otherwise, the approval of the judge is required, a certificate of health fitness for marriage, the presence of the spouses, the presence of the father of the bride or his representative and two Muslim men as witnesses, the consent of the guardian for the woman, in the event of the father’s death, the closest guardian such as the older brother, if the fiancée A divorced or widowed woman must submit an official document stating this. The girl of a non-Muslim father must present a certificate of approval of marriage issued by her home country or from the diplomatic mission representing her country in the UAE.