Cancellation of all flights
Cancellation of all flights

23 airlines cancel all flights, including two Arab airlines.

Airlines were forced to cancel thousands of flights in order to comply with regulatory directives or operational requirements issued by governments and authorities around the world in order to address the spread of the Corona virus emerging (Covid-19), while about 23 airlines announced the suspension of their international flights entirely, other companies resorted to reduce capacity Almakdia large rates with many countries close to their borders in front of flights.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced yesterday that airlines need direct financial support packages, pointing out that the demand for many airlines has fallen to zero in light of the Corona crisis, adding that more than 185,000 passenger flights have been canceled since the end of January through mid-March, in response to travel restrictions imposed by governments.

Here is a list of 23 airlines that announced the cancellation of all their regular international flights, and some of these companies excluded domestic flights or those designated for shipping.

Philippine Airlines

Austrian Airlines

Baltic Aviation Company

Belgian Airlines

Cabo Verda

Cayman Airways

Cebu Pacific

Czech Airlines

·       EgyptAir

Moldovan Flying One

French airline company Hope

Australian Jetstar Airlines

French "Company" lines

Austrian Laudamus Lines

LOT Polish Airlines

Philippine Asia Airlines

Jordan Airlines

South Africa Express Air

Taiwanese Starlex Lines

Canadian Sun Wing Airlines

American Trans State Lines

Air France Transavia

Ukrainian Airlines.