Cases of termination and non-renewal of the employment contract

Announcing 9 legal cases to end the work relationship with “consensual” in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has identified nine cases to legally terminate the contractual relationship without disputes between the two parties to the work (the worker and the owner of the facility), including the two parties’ agreement in writing to terminate the work contract, and the expiry of the period specified in the contract, unless it is extended or renewed, as well as the termination of the relationship on The desire of one of the parties, provided that the provisions of this Decree-Law regarding the termination of the work contract and the notice period agreed upon in the contract are adhered to.

According to a guiding guide recently issued by the Ministry under the title “Know your rights”, the cases of termination of the work relationship also included, the death of the employer if the subject of the contract was related to his person, the death of the worker or his complete inability to work (proved by a certificate issued by the medical authority), and the ruling on The worker is subject to a final judgment in a penalty restricting freedom for a period of no less than three months, and the final closure of the facility, in accordance with the legislation in force in the country, in addition to the bankruptcy or insolvency of the employer or any economic or exceptional reasons that prevent the continuation of the project, and finally, the worker’s failure to fulfill the conditions for renewing a permit Work for any reason beyond the control of the employer.