The health and security authorities specify some conditions necessary to enable citizens and residents to go out shopping and declare that the mask is a condition of shopping .. but they have disappeared!

In this context, the countries of the world are witnessing the spread of the Krone pandemic and that all countries of the world are working to limit its spread by all possible means.

That is why many parallel shopping centers for cooperative societies and vegetable markets obligate all citizens and residents to wear a muzzle and gloves to enter it, despite the scarcity in the markets, which means "difficult", if not impossible, shopping.

On the other hand, a private consumer market in Shuwaikh witnessed, security men prevented entry to customers without the mentioned conditions, while those markets witnessed wide crowds, in an attempt to obtain tomatoes and onions in large quantities.

Also, a group of private shopping centers and vegetable sales outlets refused entry to customers without gloves and masks, amid assuring customers that masks are not available in any of the markets, societies or even pharmacies.

On the other hand, some pharmacy workers apologized for the lack of masks and their interruption, noting that the quantities received by them of the type of n95 quickly ran out.

Pharmacists explained that other respirators are not sold by pharmacies and are supposed to be available in cooperative societies or other specific points. In some cooperatives, it was found that no kind of gags is available in the light of sterilizers and gloves only, indicating the trend towards a crisis of selling new masks in light of the insistence of the departments of some shopping centers to wear them by customers and not available at the main selling points. This is according to Al-Qabas newspaper