Conditions for obtaining new job opportunities in Ajman departments and the salary from 15 to 20 thousand dirhams

The Ajman Government Human Resources Department has offered new jobs for citizens of both sexes in four government departments: the Tourism Development Department, the Municipality and Planning Department, the Transport Authority, and the Port and Customs Department.

Finally, the department offered the job of "e-marketing executive" in the Department of Tourism Development, with a salary ranging between 16 and 19 thousand dirhams, provided that the job's specialization is graphic design, with professional experience of 2-3 years, while it requested that the age of the candidate be from 20 to 33 years old.

Job requirements include proficiency in Arabic and English, and obtaining a bachelor's degree.

The job description includes: marketing the Emirate of Ajman tourism through electronic means, by preparing, developing and implementing electronic marketing plans, online marketing campaigns, preparing and developing designs that include the logo, images and information related to the emirate, and following up and adhering to global and local legislation and laws related to e-commerce and marketing. .

The offered jobs included a human resources specialist job in the municipality and planning department.

The job description included developing the internal organization of the department and studying its impact on the flexibility and implementation of operations, advising on the formulation, preparation and implementation of annual plans and programs for the department, preparing strategic and executive plans, proposing and defining annual budgets, providing advice, technical reports, research and administrative support to the Director of Human Resources.

The job’s tasks are also to participate in reviewing, updating and developing the organizational structure, using the statistical methods used to predict human resources, participating in the development of training operations and plans for the department’s employees, studying the training needs of employees, and providing advice regarding the preparation of replacement plans, resettlement, job succession, path and job description, and job titles. career progression, and human resources policies and procedures.

The department stated that the age required for the job ranges between 30 and 45 years, with 4-9 years of professional experience, and a bachelor's degree.

The department offered the position of head of the project management department (application continues until next Wednesday).

The job description included overseeing the process of preparing and developing an integrated methodology for project management. Among the tasks required: Coordination with strategic partners regarding the management and implementation of various projects, participation in the creation of new projects, and participation in the preparation and organization of contracts for the Authority's projects in coordination with the competent authorities.

The Human Resources Department also announced the launch of a budget accountant position for the Port and Customs Department, noting that applications for it are available until today (August 8), with a salary ranging between 15 thousand and 20 thousand dirhams per month. The job description included: coordinating with the organizational units to determine the annual budget needs, ensuring their compliance with the approved standards, studying the requests for budget amendments from transfers or additional appropriations received from the departments and taking the necessary measures in this regard.

The offered jobs also included an accountant job in the Port and Customs Department, with a salary ranging between 15 thousand and 20 thousand dirhams.

She stated that the job application continues to this day.

The job description includes: applying the approved financial policies, systems, and procedures related to payments, receipts and accounting procedures in accordance with the unified financial system of the Ajman government, implementing the department’s accounts management operations in banks, transfers and discounts, and preparing the necessary financial and accounting reports.