SAR to all other currencies
SAR to all other currencies

SAR to INR and all other currencies: Convert Saudi Riyal to Indian rupee Indians working in Saudi Arabia often check the rates of the Saudi Riyal Vs INR.

This is because it helps to send a refund home to India at the simplest possible price.

Over the previous couple of years, we've seen an increasing trend of costs of the Indian rupee losing ground against the Saudi riyal.

This is excellent news for investors as they get extra money for a particular number of Saudi Riyals.

Those wishing to vary their currency should check the newest currency rates.

This is not only true for the Saudi Riyal, but, also for a number of other currencies.

There is a high possibility that we may even see the Riyal pegged at round the same levels within the coming days.

How the SAR has moved against the INR? The Saudi Arabia currency in Indian rupees largely depends on how trading takes place within the inter bank exchange market in India.

For example, if the rupee falls against the dollar you'd get higher rate for the SAR against INR.

This is because the SAR is pegged against the dollar and doesn't change in value.

Convert SAR to all other currencies

Over the ast decade approximately , we've seen Indians working in Saudi Arabia get more for the rupee vs the Saudi Riyal.

In fact, at one stage we might get INR 12 for one Saudi Riyal, but, an equivalent has now moved higher and has crossed the Rs 16 levels.