Who are the staff most vulnerable to infection «corona»

A report published in the New York Times highlighted the staff most at risk of contracting the Corona virus, as it was found that employees whose work forces them to contact many people daily are most at risk of disease.

Health care professionals are considered doctors and nurses who are most at risk. They may face the possibility of disease and infection every day. They are in direct contact with patients who carry the virus. In China, more than 3,000 doctors and nurses have been infected with the virus.

Also, personal care and home health aides who work with the elderly are among the staff most at risk of contracting the disease. In Washington, 70 employees were injured in one of the elderly care homes.

Then comes the ambulance and firefighters, who transport the sick and injured to hospitals.

And in the fourth place comes the members of the educational staff, as they are highly susceptible to coronavirus infection, so most countries in the world are keen to suspend school work to prevent the virus from spreading between students and teachers.

And in fifth place comes drivers who deal daily with dozens of travelers, so they are among the most vulnerable occupations.

Then comes service workers, such as exchange and fast food employees, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Uber, all of which provide customer service, with the largest number of injuries in the world.

It is noteworthy that the number of HIV cases around the world reached more than 169 thousand people, and the number of deaths amounted to 6513 cases.