Determining the maximum fees for work permits from inside and outside the country

In this context, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates issued a new statement in which it clarified that Resolution No. 37 of 2022, which concerns the order to amend service fees and administrative fines in the Ministry of Human Resources, includes about (4) types of labor permits.

Types of work permits for workers in the UAE and specified by the Ministry of Human Resources:

First: "Fees for work permits from within the Emirates for holders of valid residence permits": the fees amounted to about 50 dirhams for each of the following;

(Services for issuing a juvenile work permit, services for issuing a temporary work permit, services for issuing a part-time work permit, services for issuing a training permit, services for issuing a permit to test a worker, and services for issuing a work permit for residence permit holders.

And 250 dirhams are added to the services for issuing a work permit for holders of residence or self-employment for a period of two years.

Second: Services related to issuing “work permits from outside the country”, 50 dirhams to request a permit for each of the “first, second and third” categories.

250 dirhams are added for the first category for a period of two years, and 1200 is added for the second category, and the maximum fee for the third category is about 3450 dirhams.

Third: The Ministry has clarified that regarding the services of issuing a work permit (work assignment), the fees have reached 250 dirhams for the first, second and third categories.

Fourth: The fees for renewing a work permit for two years amounted to 250 dirhams for the first category, 1200 dirhams for the “second,” and 3450 dirhams for the “third,” according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.