Dropping residency permits for 40,000 expatriates and raising visa and residency fees

A new publication on the news of the revocation of residency permits for 40,000 expatriates, and the raising of visa and residency fees in details. Today, the government announced a new decision, which we list to you through this article.

A short while ago, the Director of the General Department of Residency Affairs at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Dr. Hamad Rashid Al-Tawala, announced the revocation of the residency of about 40,000 expatriates. and another.

All this since early last March, pointing at the same time to an expected hike in residency and visa fees. To prevent them from returning to Kuwait, except with an entry visa or a new visa.

At this time, he added that Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh issued directives to facilitate procedures for those whose residency has expired and who wishes to cancel it permanently, and who has a passport that has expired and has been extended to grant him residency.

And who number about 68 thousand expatriates, most of whom are of Egyptian and Indian nationalities, explaining that this crisis was addressed by allowing granting residency, renewal and transfer, provided that his country's embassy stamps the extension.

As well as obtaining an official letter certified by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, to be received and to complete his transaction with ease and ease in the residency affairs departments in the six governorates of Kuwait, and indicated that this procedure comes within the sympathy with these residents.

Those who have no guilt due to the Corona virus pandemic, and so as not to be stranded, especially since many of them want to return to their countries to enjoy the vacation, especially after many businesses stopped working for some companies, pointing to the progress of about seven thousand residents from the Egyptian and Indian communities.

Also, permanently canceling their residency and leaving during the (Corona) crisis, most of them are singles, and with regard to a trend to increase fees, the Director of the General Department of Residence Affairs at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior revealed that a study was being prepared to regulate fees for foreigners' residency.

Increasing the fees for all types of residency, joining a family, and commercial, tourist and family visit cards, and raising them by the Kuwaiti Minister of Interior to the Fatwa and Legislation Department, noting that legal approvals were taken and approved by the Council of Ministers.

And that it will be urgent to refer the law to the Kuwaiti National Assembly; This is within the framework of the State of Kuwait’s efforts to address population imbalances, and he explained that the new fees for residence will be close to what is decided in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, noting that it will see the light before the end of this year, after issuing a regulation specifying the amounts required for all categories of various residences. .

On perceptions of modifying the demographic structure in Kuwait, Al-Tawala confirmed the discussion of several studies in the committee to address demographic imbalances, including a study on determining the age of the resident wishing to enter Kuwait.

Where the period of residence exceeds five years, except for special cases required by those with higher degrees and experience, as well as stopping the transfer of all types of residence permits from the government to the civil or vice versa.

Joining a family and opening visitor card visas, stressing that residency in Kuwait will not be the same before the Corona virus crisis, but will be restricted in issuing visas, and granting entry visas to arrivals to the country.