4 important tips from Dubai Police to avoid electronic fraud

Dubai Police have just provided 4 important tips in order to avoid the idea of electronic fraud from its foundation, in order to help eliminate this phenomenon that has spread and increased these days.

Here are all the details from the Al-Wasat newspaper website, where today Dubai Police provided 4 important tips to avoid phishing and electronic fraud over the Internet, which are structured as follows:

4 important tips from Dubai Police to avoid electronic fraud

The first advice from Dubai Police is not to share your personal data: you must be careful when receiving suspicious calls and texts requesting your personal data. The official authorities in the country shall not request the personal data of individuals via text messages or mobile phones.

The second advice is not to share your banking data: Also, do not share your bank data for your account, PIN, OTP and CCV codes, and do not click on anonymous links.

And Dubai Police also gave the third advice, which is, do not accept suspicious offers: beware of tempting offers, as scammers can impersonate workers in official agencies and deceive you with prizes and unreal offers in exchange for monetary sums.

And finally, the fourth tip, report cybercrime: If your personal or banking data has been compromised, immediately report the Dubai Police through its application, eCrime.ae, or go to the nearest smart police station or call 901.