Exchange Rate Omani Rial
Exchange Rate Omani Rial

Omani Rial to Indian rupee , Philippine peso and USD charge per unit lately . ...

Omani Rial - Indian rupee ( OMR - INR) Currency device.

Today's rial to Indian rupee charge per unit.

Get data on rial Conversion Rates and rial to Indian rupee exchange price.

verify the worth of OMR in Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

You can additionally use this currency convertor to determine the charge per unit of rial against major currencies in conjunction with North American nation dollar, British unit of measurement , Euro, Rupee and currencies of Gulf countries etc.

Given below is that the rial exchange rates table.

1 INR = 0.00515529 OMR.

1 OMR = 193.975 INR.

1 PHP = 0.00797959 OMR.

1 OMR = 125.320 PHP.
1 USD = 0.384500 OMR.

1 OMR = 2.60078 USD.

Exchange Rate Omani Rial Today

Simple and user friendly rial charge per unit Calculator and Forex conversions with alternative currencies.

The table given below shows today's charge per unit of OMR against world's major currencies.

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Exchange Rate lately for OMR to Bureau of Intelligence and Research

Below you'll see the chart for the Rupee rate lately compared to the rial.

The rial replaced the rial Saidi at par in 1973.

The currency name was altered thanks to the regime amendment in 1970 and also subsequent amendment of the country's name.

It is pegged to the North American nation dollar at one Rail = a pair of.6008 North American nation bucks.

In different elements of Bharat, the currency is assumed because the rupee, roopayi, rupaye, rubai or one in every of the opposite terms derived from the Indic rupyakam.