Reducing the rents of the housing units affected by "Corona" in the Arab Gulf countries

In the UAE: Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, the legal advisor, called for the intervention of the specialized committees in the relevant rental circles in the state in order to temporarily amend the rental values ​​of residential and commercial units, in proportion to the volume of activities, and the extent of their damage from the precautionary measures taken by the state, in light of its fight against the spread of the Corona virus, And its application to the national sterilization program. Where it must be a rebalancing between the lessor and the lessee formally, and that prevents the parties from entering into legal disputes, due to the current difficult circumstances.

On the other hand, Dr. Youssef stated that the legal opinion settled on considering the current conditions as general exceptional circumstances, which could not be expected, pointing out that this means "the necessity to implement the legal effects of these exceptional circumstances, which require amending the debtor's tired obligation to a reasonable extent." .

In Kuwait: Kuwaiti charities have made commendable efforts in various fields. For example, Direct Aid Society has a vital and active role in supporting official and civil efforts to combat the Corona epidemic

On the other hand, Abdullah Al Sumait, Director General of Direct Aid Society, confirmed in a statement to him, saying that direct aid has started since the end of January, so events have continued and prepared for internal and field measures to combat the epidemic. By participating in establishing a platform for Kuwaiti associations, through which they coordinate work and respond more effectively to official recommendations and needs.