Exempting three new categories in Saudi Arabia from residence fees completely

Three new categories in Saudi Arabia have been completely exempted today, from residency fees, by a decision of the Minister of Finance, which was published on the ministry’s page and reported in local newspapers, and here is the text of what was stated in this regard.

Today, an informed source in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed that there are several categories of residents in Saudi Arabia who are exempt from residence fees that are paid annually and once, and according to the source, these exemptions included new categories.

Through this article, we will explain these categories to you in detail, as the Passports mentioned that the categories that are exempted from residence fees do not mean that they do not pay other fees, as they may incur some fees related to services as well as visas.

Here are the categories that are exempt from residence renewal fees.

Newborns belonging to expatriates and those born inside the Kingdom.

Students holding a study visa.

Those wishing to obtain a final exit visa.

Expatriates working in all private sector establishments, especially those in which the number of expatriate workers exceeds the number of Saudi workers, will be paid.

As these establishments will be obligated to pay that financial consideration for each expatriate worker that exceeds the average number of Saudi workers in these establishments.