job seekers

The Abu Dhabi Unified Government Services System (TAMM), announced that the journey to search for a job is the main entrance to a bright career future by obtaining suitable opportunities.

The "Tamm" platform, which includes all government agencies in Abu Dhabi, has identified 6 stops for the citizens' job search journey.
1 - “Obtaining professional support” by identifying available professional support opportunities to help young people plan the task of searching for a job and enroll in available programs to build knowledge and skills.
2 - Followed by "writing a CV", which must be attractive and show the owner's professional experiences and skills, to increase his chances of getting job offers.
3- According to the platform, the third station is concerned with “applying for the job that best suits the experiences and ambitions of the job seeker.”
4- Then “attend the interviews”, taking into account all the details, whether the interview is in person or remotely.
5- The fifth station includes “submission of all required documents”, health fitness examination certificates and criminal status investigation.
6- Finally, signing the employment contract and registration in the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund.