Prime Minister of New Zealand
Prime Minister of New Zealand

Good news is coming up to us again, this time from New Zealand ... a government statement today regarding what the New Zealand government has done in recent days. ...

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today, Monday, the lifting of restrictions that were imposed in Auckland to confront a second wave of the "Covid-19" pandemic, stressing that her country has overcome the virus "again."

 Ardern said in a statement reported by "Russia Today" that after the imposition of a tight lockdown at the national level between late March and late May, it was believed that the country was about to eradicate the virus at some point after a hundred days had passed without any infection being recorded.

However, a new epicenter of the epidemic appeared in Auckland (the second largest city in the country) in August, forcing the city of 1.5 million people to close for about three weeks, until the beginning of last September.

At the same time, the New Zealand Prime Minister warned that the achievements made so far should not be satisfied, expressing dissatisfaction with the limited use of the official application to track "Covid-19" injuries, and the decrease in the number of examinations that are conducted.

In the absence of new confirmed cases in Auckland for 12 days, Ardern said, today, Monday, that the virus is now under control, congratulating its citizens for enduring a second health quarantine.

This success comes at an appropriate time for Ardern, as voters have called to participate in the parliamentary elections on October 17th, and Ardern's chances of remaining at the head of government are high.