The world's eyes are now turning to start adopting a health passport for safe travel from the dangers of the Corona virus, which is a good step on the way to return to ease travel restrictions, and in this context Saudi Arabia has announced steps to issue a health passport after obtaining the Corona vaccine, and on the other hand, Kuwait has announced Adopting the new approach towards a health passport after obtaining the Coronavirus vaccine.

The health passport in Saudi Arabia: On a related note, one of the officials in the medical sector in Jeddah Governorate, Saudi Arabia, announced all the necessary steps to obtain a health passport and obtain it after receiving the Corona vaccine.

In this context, Dr. Muhammad Qalamban, who holds the position of medical director at the health control centers in Jeddah International “King Abdulaziz Airport”, explained how, whether citizens or residents who received the Coronavirus vaccine, could obtain a health passport smoothly.

On the other hand, Qalmbatten has identified the steps for issuing a health passport, which begins with receiving the individual, then shows the application of our trust, then the person completes the confirmed reservation, and then enters the hall.

Al-Qalambani added that after the beneficiary enters the hall, the specialists measure his temperature with thermal cameras, adding that after that, the beneficiary goes to the registration area in order to prove his presence, and then the beneficiary heads to the vaccination area, and the official poses several questions to him in order to ensure his health status before receiving the vaccine .

In this regard, Al-Qalabani explained that the beneficiary, after getting the second dose of the Corona vaccine, is included in my health system, and then it is transferred to the case by applying our trust, so he becomes "immune" and thus can issue a health passport.

Health Passport in Kuwait: In this context, Saleh Al-Fadaghi, who holds the position of Deputy Director-General for Airport Affairs, announced the start of the approval of the health passport for everyone who received the Corona vaccine and that the specified period is fulfilled.