Identifying the 65 most in-demand professions to work in the UAE during the coming period

Identifying 65 university majors that will shape future professions and adapt to the UAE labor market.

The Department of Education and Knowledge identified about 65 university majors that constitute future professions and meet the needs of the labor market in the country, within 10 main areas, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, veterinary medicine, arts and humanities, business administration and law, education, engineering, construction and manufacturing, health, and technology. Information and communication, natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, and services, in addition to social and behavioral sciences.

The department indicated that it offers scholarships to students in the top 150 universities, through the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program.

6 "Digital" specializations

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the UAE labor market is witnessing continuous changes as a result of rapid technological developments and modern technologies, explaining that the country has developed many national strategies that foresaw certain areas in which young people can develop their future skills.

The ministry, in indicative publications broadcast on its official electronic platforms, under the title “These are the professions for the next 10 years,” identified six “digital” job sectors or specializations that may be the most dominant in the labor market in the country during the next decade, namely “data analysts, Scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, machine learning specialists, big data specialists, digital marketing and strategy specialists.”
Universities offer new programs to keep pace with the rapid developments in the labor market.

Abu Dhabi Missions

The Department of Education and Knowledge indicated that the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program for Distinguished Students was established in 2009, and the number of students enrolled in it reached 3,453 students between 2011 and 2020, pointing out that as part of the program’s endeavor to support the future needs of the labor market in Abu Dhabi, the program provided various forms of support to about 2,878 Over the past decade, 85% of scholarships have been allocated to students majoring in medicine, health sciences, engineering, business, and law. Currently, graduates of the Abu Dhabi Scholarship Programs occupy various leadership positions in the country.

The department pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program for Distinguished Students is supported by the University and Vocational Guidance Program, one of the initiatives of the Student Enrichment Programs (Rize) of the Department of Education and Knowledge, which aims to empower ninth to 12th grade students by enhancing their academic skills necessary to pursue their higher studies and set out on their path. future professional.

The university and career guidance program played a pivotal role in preparing students to apply for the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program, as the program organizers worked closely with students to provide them with practical support and research the best educational courses that suit their interests and aspirations.