Important statement for anyone who owns a car or holds a driver's license in Australia

Australia issues a new statement today, concerns all car owners and motorists, here are all the details ، Important statement for anyone who owns a car or holds a driver's license in Australia.

Fines for using a mobile phone while driving will more than double in Western Australia, becoming the toughest such penalty in the country ، The new rules come in from midnight on Monday, aiming to help curb a habit that drivers can’t seem to break out of ، There are even concerns that the $1000 infringements won’t be enough to stop what’s being described as an epidemic on the roads.

Almost 12,000 West Aussies were caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel last year ، $400 fines and three demerits were not enough to convince drivers to ditch the distraction, so the state government decided to take action.

From September 1, touch your phone at the lights or hold it to make a voice call and you’ll face a $500 fine and three demerits ، Get caught reading or sending a text or email, using video chat, social media or any other app and you’ll be hit a $1000 penalty and four demerits.

There is one exception - as long as your mobile is securely mounted to the vehicle, you can still legally touch it to receive and end calls ، But that’s all, do anything else with it and you’re in trouble.

The State Government has increased penalties for illegal mobile phone use while driving, riding, or cycling to reduce road trauma due to driver distraction and inattention, WA’s Road Safety Commission said.

Inattention as a factor in fatalities in WA has increased in recent years, with 31 fatalities (19%) recorded in inattention related crashes in 2021 ، This was a 48 per cent increase compared to the preceding five-year average of 21.

The new penalties are some of the toughest in Australia, to deter drivers from reaching for the phone while driving putting themselves and other road users at risk ، The WA opposition has hit back and said it’s all too confusing.

We needed one simple message and one simple penalty, unfortunately, the government’s two-tiered approach is going to add more confusion, shadow minister for police Peter Katsambanis said ، The new penalties bring WA into line with Queensland - now sharing the toughest mobile phone laws in the country.

The fight that’s going on inside our minds that says am I really going to get caught, will it really happen to me? human behaviour expert Amy Jacobson said ، I just don’t think it’s going to be enough to break that habit ، The message from police - break the habit or risk breaking the bank.