Beware ... Corona's scam message via WhatsApp, which has been very popular recently.

The deadly Corona virus spread across China and around the world. A malicious scam claim claiming to reveal a cure for the disease began circulating and spreading via WhatsApp.

The message was widely circulated this week, indicating that garlic can treat the new "corona". It was shared via Twitter, where one of the users claimed to have received the message from the WhatsApp family

He wrote in the message: "Spread it please. Good news, the Corona virus that originated in Wuhan can be treated with a bowl of boiled garlic water."

Where an ancient Chinese doctor is effective. Many patients have also proven effective. 8 cloves of minced garlic, add 7 cups of water and start boiling. Boiled garlic water should be taken and drunk, and improvement will take place overnight.

It is worth noting that the message is deceptive. The British National Health Service (NHS) explained: "There is no specific treatment for Corona virus, and the treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms, while your body fights infection."

If you receive the message, WhatsApp recommends that you delete it and not resend it, to any of the user's contacts

WhatsApp has recommended: "We always recommend banning the sender and ignoring and deleting the message. To avoid exposing contacts to potential harm, please do not resend the message to them."