Imposing 4 new conditions on employees from 18 to 60 years old

The Abu Dhabi Pension Fund has identified 4 main conditions that must be met for the registration of self-employed and self-employed citizens who wish to be insured with the Fund. for men and 55 for women)”, the second, “that the citizen is healthy to practice his activity or free profession with a medical certificate issued by the competent governmental medical authorities in the emirate”, and the third “that the applicant for registration is a citizen of the state”, and finally, that he is not retired from any fund retirement in the state.

The fund began, at the beginning of this March, to receive requests from citizens who own business and self-employed professions, who wish to register in the retirement system with the fund, by receiving requests in person at the fund’s headquarters or through the fund’s website, in implementation of the decision to include citizens among the owners of the fund. Self-employed work, professions and commercial activities, by Law No. 2 of 2000 regarding civil retirement pensions and benefits for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its amendments, to allow this category to be registered as insured with the Fund “optionally”, so that they are treated as insured in the private sector.

The fund stated that the worker’s journey for himself with the fund begins with his registration of his employer or activity, and then registering himself in the fund, where the fund provides 20 different income brackets, from which the citizen chooses the appropriate bracket for his activity, starting from 12,750 dirhams, and up to a maximum of 200,000 dirhams. The subscription is based on the monthly income bracket chosen by the insured according to his monthly income, explaining that the income bracket means "the monthly income subject to deduction and pension contributions will be calculated based on it."

He pointed out that the subscription value is calculated according to the percentage of monthly contributions approved by the fund, which is (26%), where the worker is obligated for himself towards the fund to pay (20%) of the monthly income bracket he specified, while the government contributes to the worker’s subscription to an account at the rate of ( The remaining 6%), which means that the citizen registered in the first income bracket (12,750 dirhams) pays monthly.