Kuwait officially bans ships carrying goods to and from Israel

In a move that considers the civil servants of the political leadership in the State of Kuwait, the entry of ships loaded with goods from Kuwait to Israel is prohibited and vice versa.

The State of Kuwait officially prohibits the entry of all ships loaded with goods to and from Israel, and the decision was implemented this morning, as the Minister of Public Works in the State of Kuwait, Rana Al-Faris, issued a ministerial decision banning the entry of commercial ships loaded with goods to and from the Israeli entity.

Kuwait bans commercial ships carrying goods to Israel

The decision prohibits marine agents registered with the Maritime Agencies Department at the Ministry of Transportation to submit requests for entry permits for foreign ships in violation of the provisions of Articles 3, 2 and 4 of the Emiri Decree issued on 5/26/1959 regarding a complete boycott of Israeli goods.

Also, in this context, the ban also includes all ships coming from other ports to unload part of their cargo in Kuwaiti ports whenever they carry any of the goods stipulated in the ban, with the intention of shipping them to and from Israel.

Through this, the decision stressed on those concerned in the Ministry of Communications the necessity of referring everything that is discovered in it in violation of the provisions of this decision to the competent investigation authorities to act in this matter.