Latest news of Oman today with the new caliphate
Latest news of Oman today with the new caliphate

Another telling Oman today in the "oil and natural gas" sector after all the X-rays, which want to destabilize the government in Oman rose as a result of higher prices and production of the Sultanate of natural gas, which offset in part the decline in non-oil sector, and is one of the Mstguet oil Omani.

Sultan Qaboos left his full commandment before traveling to Balijakh for treatment, and that there is talk of a secret and will record the name of the Sultan who will succeed him, but it is unclear whether this is enough to pass the mandate of the Covenant process without complications.
It is certainly a boy everyone that from Atula power after Sultan Qaboos gap Timor bin Asaad bin Tariq nephew of Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Faisal bin Turki bin Said bin Sultan bin Ahmed bin Said bin Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Khalaf bin Said bin Mubarak Al Bu Saidi Alatki Azdi Ibn al-Muhallab ibn Abi Safra.
While data from the Ministry of Finance of Oman showed that the electricity and water sectors achieved new growth at a rate of 4. 2%, while the agriculture sector witnessed a growth of 4. 1%, and the hotel and restaurant sector increased by about 5%. 6%, and this is due to complete stability in the Sultanate of Oman need not to any concern from the fatigue of Sultan Qaboos, and that all of what is happening in Oman is the rays and the piece wrote on Twitter yesterday by an individual familiar from the center of his capture Sultan Qaboos confirms that the Sultan was fine and not to worry.
And at a later time, the total non-oil sector is down by 3. 4%, while the crude oil sector recorded a growth rate of 2. 1% and the gas sector increased by 5%. 6%, and this is a total percentage indicating excellence and success.


As for the latest news of Sultan Qaboos has mentioned that the Sultanate of Oman is exposed for more than a week for the campaigns of systematic and scheduled and known reaction to spread sedition within the Sultanate of Oman by spreading rumors of the death of Sultan Qaboos and that there is disagreement and internal struggle, the ruling is not the health of this speech, to spread the spirit of division The people of the Sultanate enter Qaboos, and this is completely unfounded for him.
In a related context is something which it worked Emirates for years many by failed coups and cells spy planted inside Oman revealed by the authorities in the Sultanate of Oman last year, in an attempt to Eyal plus the control of the Sultanate of Oman by placing their man in the highest authority of the place of Sultan Qaboos, To solve the historical inferiority complex and steal the good of the Sultanate, and this is extremely difficult.
The reporter inside the US press sources revealed earlier in advance of the intention of Ben-plus to divide the Gulf region, the entire Arab to be under the influence and the influence of Saudi Arabia only, and this is what revealed the American president, but all his plans, which is still trying to do to now have failed but did not succeed.
In Gdon contact us sources preferred not to be named, he confirmed from entering the mission Aldala cash in the coming days in Amman, aims to build on the consultations with the government to reach understandings about the new program for the new year 2020, which is supposed to be the beginning of the March report begins.
It is certain that already has sent him from Aldala IMF gap from led to Amman, and at the head of the mission of Aldala criticism "Chris Jarvis" visit to Amman from 20-11 November (November) for discussions under Article consultations of the Fourth in 2019 and review the performance of The Jordanian economy under the extended agreement with Jordan under the shadow of the program of facilitating the extended fund, and from the brilliant and visible side The Sultan Qaboos.
Issuing IMF Aldaly this morning an important statement to Oman and stated that the Jordanian government confirmed its commitment and determination to continue the reform process and to overcome the current obstacles to growth.
In recent years, the authorities have made remarkable progress in maintaining economic and financial stability.
As this is reflected in the decrease in inflation, the balance of payments has improved, and international reserves have registered a recovery in recent times.
In addition, the financial sector remains stable, and the authorities have taken important measures to improve the business climate which Jordan placed among the top three countries in the world to improve the business climate, according to the report Doing Business activities issued by the Bank Aldala. .