Ministerial circular to job seekers regarding the detection of fake job offers

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation identifies 3 ways to detect “fake” job offers.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stressed the need for those looking for job opportunities in the private sector to verify the validity of the job offers submitted to them, in order to avoid fake offers, pointing out that the procedures for issuing the work contract are not completed unless there is a job offer agreed and signed by the worker and the employer.

The ministry has identified three ways through which to inquire about the validity of the job offer, including the electronic inquiry service on the ministry's website, the smart application, and the ministry's customer happiness centers.

The ministry stated, in response to the most frequently asked questions on its official website, that an employer wishing to bring in a worker from outside the country under a work permit must apply to the ministry to obtain a “quota” and print the job offer, which contains a comprehensive description of the rights and duties of each party. Both parties, electronically signing the job offer, and sending it to the worker in his country electronically, or to the relevant employment agency, for the worker’s review of it, and his approval of it, whether by signature or fingerprint.