Notifying government and private employers in the UAE of job seekers data..Details

The Federal Youth Foundation confirmed the existence of cooperation with governmental and private institutions, with regard to training and qualifying national cadres to join the labor market in the country, and helping them to establish small and medium projects in the fields and creative and heritage crafts, explaining that it is now possible for national youth cadres to establish their own commercial projects. In dedicated locations in youth centers across the country.

In a new report, the Foundation stated that there are many youth projects that have been established under this cooperation, including projects to establish stadiums or private companies, and spaces have been allocated for young creative citizens who are entrepreneurs in the state's markets, in its centers, in its museums, and even at its airports, pointing out that That Dubai International Airport, which is the busiest in passenger traffic in the world, will witness the allocation of a "complete neighborhood" for youth entrepreneurs, to be an honorable interface for world tourists and state visitors.

The Foundation indicated that it has prepared “national lists” that include all data and information related to projects and creative and heritage talents for young people, including lists of young photographers, young inventors and programmers, explaining that it has circulated these lists to federal and local authorities with the aim of contracting with them, with the aim of encouraging contracts with them. especially.

The Foundation pointed out that it has started activating the database of talented and creative citizen cadres and projects on a large scale, focusing on examples of citizen youth who master a large number of languages ​​and deeply immersed in different cultures. The government and the private sector, especially since there is a large number of young citizens who are fluent in more than 30 languages, a rule that the Foundation is working to strengthen.