government fees

The Department of Finance in the Government of Dubai stated that customers with all entities in the Government of Dubai can benefit from the development it has made in paying transaction fees and government services with direct debit cards linked to their bank accounts, whether current or savings, through the “Dubai Payment Gateway”.

Earlier last year, the department canceled the commission borne by customers when paying government transaction fees from their current and savings bank accounts using direct debit cards, through the "Dubai Payment Gateway", amounting to three dirhams.

The department pointed out that the commission has been canceled when customers pay the fees for services provided by all government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai, through the "Dubai Pay" portal.

The Executive Director of the Central Accounts Sector in the Department of Finance, Jamal Hamed Al-Marri, affirmed the department's keenness to relieve customers and ensure the best comfort, convenience and safety in their dealings with the government through smart channels.

He added that the department has raised the number of banks whose direct debit cards can be used by customers to pay fees for various transactions and government services through the "Dubai Payment Gateway" to 15 banks.

And he continued: “Customers of the 15 banks can use their cards linked to their current and savings bank accounts, to pay government transaction fees, without commission, after the department cooperated with the UAE Central Bank to raise the number of banks from four banks only to 15 banks by linking with the Emirates Central Bank platform. For direct debit banks, to include most local banks, and after they canceled the payment commission of three dirhams.