Obligating the employer to pay the expenses of treating employees in 4 cases

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has set four controls and obligations for employers in the private sector to bear the expenses of treating the worker in the event the worker suffers a work injury or an occupational disease, taking into account the provisions of Articles No. (37) and (38) of the Federal Decree-Law regarding the regulation of labor relations .

According to the ministry, the employer’s obligations bear the expenses of treating the worker, including “that the worker is treated in one of the governmental or private treatment houses, that the expense of treatment continues until the worker recovers, or proves his disability, that the treatment includes hospital stay, surgeries, and expenses for x-rays and medical analyzes Purchasing medicines and rehabilitation equipment.

The list also included “the purchase and provision of prosthetic and compensatory limbs and devices for the worker who proves his disability, and the treatment expense includes the transportation expenses required by the worker’s treatment.”

The ministry stressed the importance of the worker complying with the orders and instructions related to work safety and security precautions.