Officially..abolishing the sponsorship system and relying on the employment contract of foreign workers

Great flexibility in obtaining a UAE visa... and the duration of stay after the expiry of the residence permit may extend to 6 months.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has announced the official dispensation of the sponsorship system entirely, within the new visa system that will start operating next month, and to rely on the existing contractual relationship between the worker and the employer.
She revealed during a press conference held today that there will be great flexibility in receiving services and obtaining a visa in record time, as well as amending the period of stay of the foreigner after the expiry or cancellation of his residence within the country scheduled for a month, which may extend to 6 months.
The authority said that all categories can benefit from the new benefits of the updated visa system by entering the authority's website and smart application to learn about these advantages and apply for them through the site, application and customer happiness centers spread in the country after the implementation of the new regulation on the third of next October.