Officially announcing two cases that allow the employee to resign “without warning” .. Urgent

An official announcement was issued specifying two cases that allow an employee in the UAE to resign “without warning.”

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed the right of the employee or worker to submit a resignation without warning to the employer, in two cases, the first is the employer’s violation of any of the employee’s rights in the articles mentioned in the contract or the law regulating labor relations, and the second is the assault on the employee by The employer or his legal representative.

The ministry stated that the employee has the right to leave work during the probation period without warning as well, if the same two cases are available, pointing out that the employee whose contract was terminated before the end of the probation period, which reaches a maximum of six months, is not entitled to claim any of the employee’s rights during the probationary period in the sector Private, regardless of its type, because it did not complete the period stipulated in the Law Regulating Labor Relations.

She clarified that the employee whose contract was terminated during the probation period is not entitled to request an end-of-service gratuity, while employees who have exceeded a year on the job have the right to request an end-of-service gratuity.