Officially, new amendments to employment contracts in the private sector have been introduced

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that it allows the submission of offers and employment contracts, and the attachments attached to them, in 11 international languages, to employers and those wishing to join jobs with private sector establishments in the country.

She explained that the forms of offers and contracts include, in addition to the basic Arabic and English languages, adding a third language that the worker understands, whether he wants to be recruited from outside the country, or the worker inside, who is issued a new work permit, authorizing him to move to another facility, as well as the worker who is modified Put it in a work permit.

The ministry indicated, on its official website, that the list of other languages ​​(other than Arabic and English) approved for job offers and contracts include: Bengali, Chinese, Dari, Hindi, Malayalam, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Tamil, Urdu, as they constitute the languages ​​it uses. The workers being recruited.

The appendix is ​​considered an integral part of the work offer and contract, and the employer is subject to legal accountability if he violates the aforementioned contract terms.