WASHINGTON - The US House of Representatives on Thursday ended a one-day debate and voted on two items of accountability against President Donald Trump, in preparation for his removal.

The first vote took 15 minutes, which was related to the item of abuse of power.

Once this vote was over, the House proceeded to a vote on the clause blocking Congress, which also took five minutes.
The results of the vote on the first item showed that the US House of Representatives voted in favor of holding President Trump accountable in preparation for his dismissal on charges of abuse of power, as 230 members voted for the dismissal decision while 197 others rejected the decision.

Members of the Democratic Party, which has a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament, supported the removal on Wednesday evening, while the Republican Party opposed the initiative.

With regard to the item of obstructing the work of Congress, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of dismissing Trump under the article "Obstructing Congress", according to the results of the vote, as 229 members voted for accountability according to the article, compared to 198 others who refused to be held accountable.

The results were divided on the basis of party, with the parliamentary majority represented by Democrats in favor of exclusion, while Republicans voted against.

The US president is accused of having frozen military aid to Kiev with the aim of forcing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky to open an investigation into corruption cases involving Joe Biden, his most prominent Democratic opponent in the upcoming elections.

On October 2, US President Donald Trump announced that the investigation launched by the Democrats in the House of Representatives with the aim of isolating it was a coup and an attempt to seize power. Democrats blatant in that case, adding: "The results of opinion polls on the issue of isolation, show a decline in support for it, such as the rock that is slipping."