Reducing service fees and fines for workers in the private sector, including issuing work permits

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awar, revealed that the classification system for the new private sector establishments subject to the provisions of the Labor Relations Law, for which a decision of the Council of Ministers was issued, will be electronic and includes three categories, and includes significant reductions in fees for services provided by the Ministry to private sector institutions.

He pointed out that the service fees and administrative fines in the ministry are determined according to two types of permits, the first of which is work permits from within the country (for those who have a valid residence in the country), where the decision was set to issue a work permit for each of the "juveniles" and "temporary work", and “Partial work”, “training”, “worker test” and “work for residence holders”, 50 dirhams each, and 250 dirhams was set for issuing a work permit to holders of residence or self-employment, for a period of two years, and the second was work permits from outside the country ( for all types of work), where the decision set 50 dirhams as a fee for applying for a work permit for the first, second and third categories, separately.

As for the fees for issuing a work permit for a period of two years, it is 250 dirhams for the first category, 1200 dirhams for the second category, and 3450 dirhams, while the decision specified 250 dirhams for the issuance of an important work permit, whether for the first, second or third category.