Rescue plane passengers
Rescue plane passengers

164 passengers were rescued from a plane where smoke spread in flight.

  • Rescue plane passengers from falling after smoke spread.

    Details .. 164 passengers were rescued by plane, smoke was emitted while flying and it took refuge at Saudi airport for landing
    In this context, a Kuwaiti civilian airliner sought help at one of the Saudi airports, as it was heading to Egypt on its usual flight to Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria.

    The responsible sources said that a plane within the Kuwaiti Al-Jazeera fleet had been forced, on Monday evening, at ten in the evening, to make an emergency landing in one of the airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Airport in the Tabuk region.

    The plane suffered a major disruption during its usual flight from Kuwait Airport to Alexandria Airport, so the pilot of the plane sent an immediate distress communication to the control tower in Tabuk Airport, asking them to authorize the emergency landing, after suspecting an emergency technical malfunction that may be dangerous.

    Announcing the alert status at the airport until the plane's passengers are rescued
    On the other hand, Tabuk Airport has declared a state of alert and emergency once receiving the distress until the plane, with the grace of God, managed to land safely.

    The plane managed to land safely at Kuwait Airport in Saudi Arabia without any injuries or damage to the plane's model from landing, and the relevant security agencies at the airport started, and passengers were landed in the international terminal and the maintenance teams started the plane.

    The number of passengers on the plane who were rescued
    In a related development, some informed sources said that the number of passengers reached 157 passengers of different nationalities, and the number of the crew reached 7 people.

    The truth about what happened inside Kuwait plane while flying
    It is worth noting, according to the informed sources, that what happened with the plane took off with heavy smoke being released inside the passenger cabin, and that the breakdown is sudden smoke coming into the passenger cabin.

    It started immediately as soon as the passengers evacuated the maintenance teams to perform the plane's inspection work.

    The authorities concerned took passengers to the International Passenger Terminal at Tabuk Airport, while some of the other passengers went to a hotel, and meals were provided free of charge to passengers, according to the citizen newspaper