Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sends an important message today

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, congratulated mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day.

His Highness said in a tweet on Twitter: "My mother is the most gentle and kindest person in my life." He added: "Latifa in language: the soft woman.. the gentle.. the companion.. the rare.. nice in life: she is my mother.. the most beautiful.. the softest.. the most gentle.. and the kindest person in my life.. every son talks about peace and tranquility in The face of his mother .. But my mother was all peace and serenity .. I still feel the loss of her even after 40 years.” His Highness published a video clip saying: "Her name is Latifa bint Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan... She used to prepare my breakfast every day before I went to school. On the way, I divided it in half, for me one half, and for a filly I loved, the other half. My mother knew that my breakfast was divided into two, so she doubled it. I thought this was a coincidence, until I realized after I grew up that she was watching me, and she knew that breakfast was not enough for me.

This is how the mother is, she is not satisfied until she sees us eating, she does not rest until after we sleep, and she does not rejoice until the sorrows are removed from us.”

Deputy Head of State:

• “Every son talks about peace and serenity in the face of his mother... But my mother was all peace and serenity.”