Determine the conditions for deporting expatriates due to the spread of the Corona virus and the suspension of flights.


Emirates Airlines stated that after the decision to suspend flights at the country's airports on 3/24/2020, the company started to return citizens stranded abroad, as it arrived at Dubai International Airport yesterday morning and for a group of citizens stranded abroad, on board the first flights it operated specifically for this purpose, Coming from Heathrow airport in the British capital, London, it carried 42 citizens of the country and their families who were in Britain with the aim of studying or receiving treatment.

On the other hand, Emirates Airlines confirmed that it is fully prepared to transfer those who wish to leave the country, to go to their countries, provided that those countries agree to allow them to enter their lands, a visa that it coordinates with the competent authorities on this matter

The company pointed out that the restoration of operations across its extensive network network is primarily dependent on easing restrictions on travel and air travel, with the company keen to undertake all health and safety procedures for all passengers and operating crews, including conducting the necessary medical checks for all travelers.

Specific destinations

It is worth noting that the Supreme President and Chief Executive Officer of «Emirates Airlines» and the group, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum confirmed that Emirates Airlines »will return citizens to the homeland for free on board any of its limited flights that started operating from Dubai.

The first group of nationals of the country who were suspended after the suspension of flights at the country's airports was transferred as part of the extensive precautionary measures applied by the UAE to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging (Covid-19).

This flight is considered in the wake of Emirates' obtaining the necessary approvals to operate limited flights to certain destinations, which was started to be implemented from last Sunday, while these flights will contribute to transporting some passengers to those destinations that will include both: Heathrow , Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, and Zurich, with an average of four flights per week to London Heathrow, and three flights per week to Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Zurich.

Patriotic duty

On the other hand, Adel Al-Reda, Chief Operating Officer, confirmed that Emirates Airlines is proud to contribute to returning the citizens of the country to the homeland, at a time when the entire world is facing an exceptional circumstance and a huge challenge that has greatly limited international travel.

He stated, “This step comes within the framework of (Emirates Airlines) commitment to its national duties, and its keenness to translate this commitment into action on the ground that serves the country and citizens, and contributes to their comfort and achieving their happiness, and affirms the importance of the participation of all institutions and sectors in enhancing the efforts made, in order to Overcoming the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which the world is lining up to deal with, to eliminate it.

Al-Reda pointed out that all preventive and precautionary measures have been taken regarding the arrival of this trip, including conducting all tests related to detecting any possible infections with the Corona virus among passengers, through cooperation with the distinguished medical staff of the Dubai Health Authority and all government agencies located in Dubai International Airport, with a commitment to quarantine for a period of 14 days, pursuant to the procedure adopted in this regard, to ensure that they are completely free of the virus, in order to confirm the highest levels of protection for the individual and society in accordance with the instructions of the competent authorities, particularly the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Health Authority in Dubai, pursuant to guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Federation (ICAO). This is according to what the Emirates newspaper published today