search for a job

The main entrance to a bright career future by obtaining suitable opportunities through the unified Abu Dhabi government services system (TAMM).

In this context, the unified Abu Dhabi government services system (Tamm), which includes all government agencies in Abu Dhabi, has identified 6 stations for the citizens' search for a job, which are:

First, obtaining professional support” by identifying the available professional support opportunities to help young people plan their job search and enroll in available programs to build knowledge and skills

Secondly, write a CV, which should be attractive and show the owner’s professional experiences and skills, to increase his chances of getting job offers.

Third, to apply for the job that best suits the job seeker's experiences and ambitions.

Fourth, attend the interviews,” taking into account all the details, whether the interview is in person or remotely.

Fifthly, submit all the required documents, and two certificates of health fitness examination and criminal status investigation

Sixth: Signing the employment contract and registration in the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.