entry visas
entry visas

Ceasing the issuance of entry visas to people of Asian countries, and banning entry from China due to the spread of Corona.

Stop issuing visas to Chinese citizens in some countries, fearing the spread of Corona
Imposing additional travel restrictions on people from China after the World Health Organization declared a global "emergency" due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, leaving thousands of infections and hundreds of victims.

The high number of people infected with new corona in China
About 12,000 people in China have been infected with the new Coronavirus and many cases have been found in about 25 countries so far.

Important statement from the World Health Organization on the spread of corona
In its latest statement, the World Health Organization circulated "the new Corona virus is a" state of emergency ", but it warned of travel restrictions and called on countries that have banned Chinese entry to amend their decisions.

China is working hard to reduce the spread of the Corona virus
"There is no need for any unnecessary panic. There is no need to take excessive measures," said Chinese delegate in Geneva Chen Xu, declaring that China was taking measures to contain the disease.

Significant restrictions on Chinese travel
The US State Department raised the level of the warning to the highest degree, and demanded that Americans "not travel" to China and demanded those in it to leave quickly, while other countries prohibited granting the Chinese or anyone who visited China during the second half of January to enter the country.

A number of countries prohibit the entry of Chinese and everyone who visited it recently
Singapore, Vietnam and Mongolia have banned entry to China until further notice, as Singapore has denied entry to passengers and transit passengers and everyone who visited China during the past 14 days, and the issuance of all new forms of visas for Chinese passport holders has been suspended.

Mongolia banned entry to Chinese and foreigners from China by air, trains or cars for a month in principle, as well as preventing Mongolians from entering China.

Vietnam has banned any new tourist visas for Chinese citizens and foreigners who have traveled to China during the past two weeks.

America and Japan asked Britain, Germany and others to avoid their travel to China during the coming period.

Suspension of flights to China for fear of spreading the new Corona virus
Airlines have suspended flights in recent days to China, including Pakistan, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt Air and others.